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If someone you know is planning on taking a COVID-19 vaccine, here is why they shouldn�t do it, in a nutshell. COVID-19 vaccines, particularly the mRNA platform behind the Pfizer and Moderna shots, were developed with shady DARPA biodefense money and venture capital funding, much of it going to a company that, for over a decade, had no commercial products whatsoever, whose CEO formerly worked for another company whose founder helped build the P4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. These injectables were obtained by our governments under contracts that absolve their manufacturers of any liability for the injuries they may cause. PEGylated lipid nanoparticles are highly inflammatory synthetic oils conjugated with polyethylene glycol. These PEGylated lipids have been known to cause anaphylaxis in an unlucky few. The messenger RNA itself in these vaccines is not anything like your own normal mRNA produced by your cell nuclei. It is pseudouridylated, with an isomer of uridine used in place of the regular uridine to trick your cells� Toll-like receptors into not triggering inflammation or even detecting it. It is synthetically capped, which increases its stability and resistance to ribonucleases. They have absolutely no idea how long this stuff remains intact in the body and how long it keeps translating into protein. Because it is nucleoside-modified and synthetically capped, it behaves less like normal messenger RNA and more like teeny strands of non-biodegradable molecular bioplastic. Pseudouridylation encourages stop codon readthrough, where ribosomes read through the stop codon and translate the normally untranslated 3� UTR end of the mRNA. Some modifications to synthetic mRNA to enhance translation include adding mtRNR1 to the 3� UTR. If this modification is present, and the ribosome reads through the stop codon, it will produce Spike and mtRNR1 joined end to end, which may lead to mitochondrial dysfunction. This mRNA may be taken up by LINE-1 retrotransposons and reverse-transcribed into the genome, which could lead to affected cells permanently producing Spike proteins for as long as they live. SARS-CoV-2 Spike is a highly toxic protein with motifs that are prionogenic and amyloidogenic, neurotoxic, cardiotoxic, procoagulant, and inflammatory. When digested with neutrophil elastase or trypsin, fragments of Spike can form massive amyloid-fibrin clots even in the absence of platelets. Spike also has a superantigenic motif, as well as a region that binds bacterial lipopolysaccharides and enhances the inflammatory effect of bacterial endotoxins. Spike may even migrate to the nucleus and interfere with p53, a key anti-cancer gene, which could promote tumorigenesis. Spike S1 subunits can impair the integrity of the blood-brain barrier and enhance its permeability. Because of the codon-optimization of the mRNA that generates the Spike protein, there is no proof that the Spike protein even adopts a conformation anything like what�s found on the virus. What you get instead is a giant heap of junk protein with toxic and amyloidogenic peptides along its length that are activated when the protein is cleaved and digested by host enzymes. This is exacerbated by the extremely poor purity of the mRNA in these vaccines, where as much as half of the mRNA is not even fully intact and could never translate into full-length Spike in the first place. When people receive these mRNA vaccines, the lipid nanoparticles drain through veins and capillary beds into the circulatory system, where they travel through the body and transfect the heart, brain, bone marrow, and the rest of the vital organs, as well as reproductive tissues, potentially leading to myocarditis and permanent heart scarring, encephalitis, sterility, and/or autoimmune injury of hematopoietic progenitor cells in the marrow, which could lead to lasting lymphopenia and immunodeficiency. Every cell transfected by the lipid nanoparticles produces Spike proteins and displays them on its surface, which paints a giant bullseye on those cells for the immune system to come and attack. If that�s your brain, you have brain inflammation. If that�s your heart, you get heart inflammation. Essentially, by using human cells as bioreactors to manufacture a foreign protein, you are pasting a giant Kick Me sign on each and every one of the transfected cells. To add insult to injury, these vaccines promote an Immunoglobulin G4 class switch that leads to immune tolerance to Spike, as though it were little more than an allergen. Though this may superficially reduce inflammation from SARS-CoV-2, it also leads to viral tolerance, which may allow the virus to replicate in the body with impunity for an extended period of time, leading to chronic illness. There have been countless reports of injuries from COVID-19 vaccines in VAERS and in other adverse event reporting databases. We have peer-reviewed histopathology reports where autopsies were performed on people who died from the vaccine and tissue slides were taken from their bodies and examined, confirming the presence of Spike protein in the brain, heart, and other tissues, alongside fatal inflammatory damage. The tissues do not lie. These toxic vaccines should be taken off the market immediately, and criminal charges should be brought against everyone involved in their manufacture and distribution, and everyone who mandated them.

Treatment for COVID injection hydrogel/graphene

"A constitutional Republic, not a democracy" The ideal of a democracy is universal equality. The ideal of a constitutional republic is individual liberty. A democracy always degenerates into a dictatorship which promises government guaranteed equality and liberty, but it delivers nothing but poverty and surftom for the people it robs and rules. America was founded as a constitutional republic to safeguard the liberties of the people against the tyranny of democracy or of one-man dictatorship. In this century great strides have been made towards the goal of subverting our republic into a democracy. The foremost tactic of the subverters is the subversion of language. By calling America a democracy until people thoughtlessly accept and use the term, the totalitarians have obscured the real meaning of our principles of government." -Dan Smooth, 1966

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