General Help and Support

  1. People�s Health Alliance HERE
  2. UK CV Family � Covid Vaccine Injured HERE .

Spike Protein Detox and Treatment Protocols

  1. C19Protocols � Post-Vaccination Protocols HERE .
  2. FLCCC Alliance � I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment HERE .
  3. Brave Survival Episode 6 (subscription only, free for a limited time ) � Learn about the top protocols and treatments that world-renowned experts are currently using to treat vaccine-related injuries VIDEO HERE . Find out more HERE .
  4. Unbreakable Series Episode 7 (subscription only) � Discover expert insight into the treatments and protocols you can follow to regain your health post-vaccine and detox your body from their gene-altering technology. Find out more HERE .
  5. Herbal Stuff n Things � Dandelion Inhibits Spike Protein Bonding (2021 study) VIDEO HERE .
  6. World Council for Health � Spike Protein Detox Guide HERE .

Graphene Detox

  1. The Expos� article � Zinc Inhibits Influenza Virus, Covid and Helps Our Body Detox from Graphene HERE .
  2. The Expos� article � How to Remove Graphene Oxide from The Body HERE .